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Technical Support

Support is available for all AMS products and services. You can log an ELO Support Ticket by clicking Here!.

BPO Solutions

AMS can assist with you Business Process Outsourcing, from Back log scanning to Mail Room and Invoice Processing.

Document Management

Taking Document Management to the next level with ELO Digital. Finally compliant Document Management Software that works.

Document Capture

Backlog Scanning, Document Capture, Archival Imaging and Legacy Formats can be digitized and made useful again.

Why choose AMS?

Whether you are looking for a supplier to outsource all your imaging requirements, backlog scanning or need a partner to work with to solve your document management problems, we can assist.

AMS capture services meet Public Record and Archives Guidelines.

AMS have software solutions that are VERS compliant to cater for Electronic Content Management through to Automated Invoice Processing.</span></span>.

AMS are the Document Management Professionals helping you with all your Records Management and EDRMS requirements.

Leading document management service providerDocument Managers, BPO Partners and Records Management Consultants.

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