CD/DVD Duplication & Replication

CD/DVD Duplication and Replication

AMS Imaging/ Microview Victoria Pty Ltd has been a manufacturer of CD's in Melbourne since 1996 and DVD's since 2003.   We offer you personal service, with free delivery anywhere in the Melbourne metropolitan area.  We guarantee our product and can give a 100% assurance that your discs are manufactured using reputable suppliers and all royalties are paid and copyright laws complied with. Microview Victoria is part of the AMS Imaging Group.


We duplicate and print cdr, dvdr and blu-ray (25gb) media in-house with a quick turnaround time and next day delivery to you in the Melbourne area if required.  All quantities from 10 - 2,000 can be catered for. 

Printing on cdr and dvdr media can be simple with quick turnaround using an inkjet print method or done in full colour on glossy waterproof screenprint quality discs.   If you want to impress the recipients of your discs then the full colour glossy printing will certainly do it.  Turnaround time with either method is a few days on any quantity up to 1,000, duplication included.

We can cater for anyone's budget whether you want fast cheap simply printed dvd's or cd's or high quality full colour discs.  But the disc quality is never compromised.  We will only use A grade media.


Your video dvd's can be protected from copyright infringement.  Have a look at our latest software and hardware dvdr video encryption service.



If your cd, dvd or blu-ray run exceeds 500 we also offer production by replication.  This involves creation of a glass master which manufactures the discs in a production line process.  Quantities of 1,000 to 20,000 are normally catered for but any amount in excess of these can be done.  Turnaround time is 10 - 12 working days.

No job is too big or too small.  Contact us for a competitive quote.


Printing methods explainedThermal, inkjet or high quality glossy and waterproof option.


We also sell and repair micrographic equipment, carrying a large range of parts for Canon microfilm / fiche printers.   Maintenance contracts and onsite repairs and spare parts are offered.

Our philosophy is to provide a superior quality product and standard of service.  The highest standard of business ethics and honesty is our aim with the reward being customer loyalty and satisfaction.

We will treat both suppliers and customers with the highest standards of ethics, honesty and fairness possible. 


Production of CDr and DVDr discs in quantities of 10 - 2,000 or more.   Prices will depend on exact quantity and complexity of printing.   Budgets and turnaround time are catered for.  We will not promise anything that can't be delivered and all deadlines will be met.

Artwork can be supplied as a high resolution jpg or pdf which has a printable area up to 117 mm.  An inner circle can vary from 22 mm to 42 mm, depending on the disc type so please don't cut out this centre circle as there may be a discrepancy.

Logo's or small graphics can be supplied on disc and we will layout the design, adding text.  Alternatively, if it is only text, a handwritten copy only may be supplied.

All discs are duplicated on state of the art equipment and all discs are compared after recording to ensure they are identical to the master disc.

Call us on 1800 358 746 for a competitive quote.

 Download cd or dvd disc size specs: specifications

For paper parts see the specifications on the 'Replication' page.


Are you concerned that your DVD’s are being ‘ripped’ after they have been purchased from you?

We can protect your copyright with the most recent technology available to DVDr duplication.  Your dvdr video discs will not be able to be burnt on home computers any more.

You will not lose money in sales by customers making extra unauthorized copies at home.  The best part is that this is, very affordable, and well worth the investment in your product.

Without going into specifics, there are both hardware and software constraints in the recording process of your master DVD.   All your copies thereafter will have two levels of protection, making them doubly safe.   While no one can be given a 100% lifetime guarantee in this industry, the copy protection renders home computers incapable of pirating your discs.

Call for a demo dvd and quote - 1800 358 746. or 03 9690 6800


Replication of CD's or DVD's is offered with production of discs by stamping from a glass master.  Discs are manufactured using state-of-the-art equipment and at facilities where all copyright laws are complied with, and all royalties paid.

Normal turnaround time is 10 - 12 working days with screenprinting of the disc face and printing of any paper parts required.

Artwork can be supplied in many formats, the best being a pdf file.

We typically turnaround from 1,000 to 40,000 discs and prices depend on quantity and packaging requirements.

Please call for a competitive quote - 1800 358 746.

Download CD/DVD disc specifications with paper inserts, booklets and cardboard wallet information in pdf format :  specifications.

Blu-Ray Duplication

We can offer short runs of Blu-ray discs - from 5 to 500, duplicated on the state-of-the-art duplicating machines.

Your master disc will be copied and recorded on multiple Blu-ray drives and all discs will be separately verified with the master disc.

The Blu-ray discs can also be printed in full colour or simple text with a gloss waterproof finish applied to it.

Prices depend on quantity and standard of printing on each disc.  Call for a competitive quote - 1800 358 746  freecall or in Victoria 03 9690 6800.

Printing of CDr and DVDr discs

We offer several forms of disc printing either with or without duplication.  We can print inkjet or thermal ribbon onto white or silver discs.

1.  Thermal print for permanent waterproof print on white or silver discs.

2.  Inkjet print for low cost print of simple text and colour logo, onto white discs.

3.  Inkjet, full colour, high quality print for discs that need to be glossy and waterproof.

These are coated in a gloss lacquer protective layer that give a smooth waterproof finish to the printed disc.  It not only protects the surface of the disc but gives a smooth finish that makes the colours stand out.