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ELO ECM Suite 9 - Just Better Business

A Powerful Package for ECM Requirements

The release of the ELO ECM Suite 9, with the new versions of ELOprofessional for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as ELOenterprise for large companies, offers a wealth of new features for more efficient business processes. An additional tool, the Collaboration module, has been added to the existing ECM functionality, which makes your work smooth and efficient (web access, workflow functionality, multi-tenant capability, etc.). In addition, the design of the software solutions was adjusted to match the Windows 8 interface and is therefore more intuitive for the user.

ELO Collaboration - Information exchange 2.0

The new ELO Collaboration feature is a feed that appears in a bar next to your archives, folders and documents. Each user with the corresponding right can author posts or comment on them. This optimizes the exchange of information and eliminates the need for long phone calls and e-mails.

ELO Collaboration stands for:

  • more efficient communication
  •  increased transparency
  • process-based communication
  • More efficiency with ELO Dropzone

The new ELO Dropzone appears in a separate window and its design is inspired by the tile design of the Microsoft 8 interface. The drag-and-drop function allows users, for example, to file documents and files to the ELO archive even faster and more easily. The tiles can be configured and a script can be added.

More Collaboration with external parties

ELO ECM Suite 9 allows users to include external parties into the business processes. Just sending a document link. This allows the recipient limited or unlimited access to the shared area of the ELO archive. The recipient of the link does not have to use ELO actively.

More efficient processes through ELO Print & Archive

In just one step, documents such as invoices can be printed, archived and sent out by email – directly from within third-party applications such as an ERP system. To do so, users define the types of receipts and individual filing rules themselves. ELO offers standard presets for popular ERP software.

Faster with ELO Click & Find

Information that arrives by e-mail or that users found on the Internet can be selected with a click of the mouse. The user can then submit a search to ELO via a keyboard shortcut. The search result is displayed immediately in ELO.


ELO V9 Brochure 2016
ELOprofessional 9 Brochure-AMS